Section III Writing (30 points)

Part A(10 points)



December 24,2022

Professor Smith is looking for a student to join his research program regarding campus sports activities.The duties of the position require that the student collects data on campussports activities to be analyzed by the research team. This includes observing various athletic events, speaking to student athletes, staff, and faculty,and documenting their experiences.

In addition to data collection, thestudent will also be responsible for organizing meetings with Professor Smith or other research team members to discuss project progress. The successful applicant should be highly organized, patient, and have a keen interest and knowledge in sports.

If you are interested in joining thisresearch program, please contact us at email@123.com to apply.

Students’ Union

Part B (20 points)


Unfolded in the elaborately painted cartoon is an eye-catching and thought-stimulating scene:some young men are rowing dragon boats,and a large number of people crowded to watch the game. An aged grandma turned to her spouse and said cheerfully:“it is wonderful that the Dragon Boat racing is getting increasingly lively in our village.”Apparently, what the cartoonist attempts to emphasize is the inheritance of traditional culture.

There is no denying that our Chinese, in recent years, have been attaching great importance to the carrying of the traditional culture and bringing it to vitality. Traditions are supposed to be inherited and advocated from one generation to another. Like tangible cultural heritages such as Great Wall and the Forbidden City, intangible cultural heritages like Peking Opera and celebration of traditional festivals are equally crucial. As a country consisting ofa great diversity of ethnic groups and with time-honored history and civilization, China abounds in intangible cultural heritages, which connect modern people to the historical past, allowing them to acquire a cultural and historical identity. Without cultural heritages, we would be rendered absolutely rootless and we would find it hard to cope with challenges at present and in the future.

However, the modernization process poses mounting threats to intangible heritages. It is also pathetic to see elderly people in possession of such legacies pass away without transmitting them to the younger generation. Confronted with those challenges, we should both preserve and rejuvenate our ancestral heritages sothat we can help contribute to cultural diversity of the world.

Part C

(46) AI can also be used to identify the lifestyles choices of customers regarding their hobbies,favorite celebrities,and fashions to provide unique content in marketing messages put out through social media.


(47) Some believe that Al is negatively impacting on the marketer’s role by reducing creativity and removing jobs,but they are aware that it is a way of reducing costs and creating new information.


(48) Algorithms used to stimulate human interactions are creating many of these concerns,especially as no-one is quite sure what the outcomes of using Al to interact with customers will be.


(49)If customers are not willing to share data.AI will be starved of essential information and will not beable to function effectively or employ machine learning to improve its marketing content and communication.


(50)The non-intrusive delivery of the marketing message in a way that is sensitive to the needs of target customers is one of the critical challenges to the digital marketer.


Section III Writing

Part A


Write a notice to recruit a studentfor Prof. Smith’s research projection campus sports activities. Specify the duties and requirements of the job.


Section II Reading Comprehension

Part A

Text 1

21.【答案】【A】is harmful to the environment

22.【答案】【B】 resistance to fake grass use

23.【答案】【B】 the disadvantages of growing real grass

24.【答案】【C】Remind its users to obey existing rules

25.【答案】【D】has been a controversial product


31. Sparrow’s study shows that with the Internet, the human brain will

A. analyze information in detail

B. collect information efficiently

C. switch its focus of memory

D. extend its memory duration


32. The process of “cognitive offloading”

A. helps us identify false information

B. keeps our memory from failing

C. enables us to classify trivial facts

D. lessens our memory burdens


33. Which of the following would Sparrow support about the Internet?

A. It may reform our learning approach

B. It may impact our society negatively

C. It may enhance our adaptability to technology

D. It may interfere with our conceptual thinking


34. It is indicated in Para 3 that how the Internet affects our brains?

A. requires further academic research

B. is most studies in older adults

C. is reflected in our reading speed

D. depends on our web-surfing habits


35. Neither Sparrow nor Storm would agree that

A. our reliance on the Internet will be costly

B. the Internet is weakening our memory

C. memory exercise is a must for our brain

D. our ability to focus declines with age


Part B

41.【题干】Brian Bemy

【答案】【D】The new rules will take home prices to an even higher level.

42.【题干】Gareth Belsham

【答案】【F】 The new rules will affect people whose home extensions include new windows or doors.

43.【题干】Marcus Jefford

【答案】【B】Builders possibly need to submit new estimates of theirprojects

44.【题干】John Kelly

【答案】【A】The rise of home prices is a temporary matter.

45.【题干】Andrew Mellor

【答案】【G】The rule changes will benefit homeowners eventually.

Section III Translation (15 points)

46. 【翻译原文】

In the late 18th century, William Wordsworth became famous for his poems about nature. And he was oneof the founders of a movement called Romanticism, which celebrated the wonders of the natural world.

Poetry is powerful. Its energy and rhythm can capture a reader, transport them to another world and make them see things differently, Through carefully selected words and phrases,poems can be dramatic, funny,beautiful,moving and inspiring

No one knows for sure when poetry began but it has been around for thousands of years, even before people could write It was a way to tell stories and pass down history. It is closely related to song and even when written it is usually created to be performed out loud.Poems really come tolife when they are recited. This canalso help with understanding them too, because the rhythm and sounds of the words become clearer.





Section IV Writing

Part A


An art exhibition and a robot show are to be hold on Sunday and your friend David asks you which one he should go to.Write him an email to

1)make a suggestion,and

2)give your reason(s)

Write your answer in about 100 words on the ANSWER SHEET

Do not use your own name in your email, use Li Ming’instead.(10 points)

Part B


Write an essay based on the chart below. In your writing, you should

1)describe and interpret the chart and

2)give your comments.

Write your answer in about 150 words on the ANSWER SHEET (15points)

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